Yoshimi's 2018 album 'Island' (Dream Catalogue)

RELEASED: 02/11/2018



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Making his third appearance on Dream Catalogue following the much acclaimed 'Atavism' and 'Tokyo Restricted Area', 'Island' sees Tokyo's Yoshimi continue to build upon his signature mix of brooding atmospheric soundscapes and traditional Japanese folk instrumentation on what is arguably the best realisation of his vision to date.

On 'Island', Yoshimi narrates us through a journey to an unknown island off of the coast of Japan. Shrouded by the steam billowing up from the volcanic springs that lie underneath, there is something otherworldly and serene about this place, but the further into 'Island' one navigates, it becomes apparent there is something not quite right here - an eeriness that suddenly becomes iniquitous, as if tortured ghosts from the past have been awakened by your presence.

What started with the artist’s own self-declared “Japanese Hell Trap” style debuted in his earlier works has now evolved into something distinct beyond any genre trappings and can simply be seen as the music of Yoshimi Hishida. Always dark, spiritual and intense, carving out his own arc.

Yoshimi seems at once as competent a storyteller as he is a musician, such is his ability to weave his trademark cinematic narrative throughout his work with such considerate delicacy. But what truly sets him apart on releases such as ‘Island’ is how his awareness of who he is and where he comes from gently resonates throughout his work, an exceptional artist who can both at once reach for the future while giving a respectful nod to the past.

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