w u s o 命 - Don't Forget Me (album cover)

W U S O 命
RELEASED: 09/11/2018



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Since arriving on Dream Catalogue with the song 'Angels' that appeared on the 'CHAOS 4' compilation in the autumn of 2017, w u s o 命 has emerged from the spate of producers attempting to carve a reputation for themselves in the post-vaporwave landscape as one of the premier curators of the 'dreampunk' sound. With a host of well lauded releases on Crystaltone and Bludhoney Records, including his collaboration 'Gaze' with Sangam, w u s o 命 has inevitably been attracting attention from across the underground electronic scene.

'Don't Forget Me', w u s o 命's full length Dream Catalogue debut, continues to build on the thematics that the artist's rapidly rising legacy has been founded on, with sweeping synths as wide as panorama stills of sprawling future cities, as measured as they are theatrical, wrap themselves around stuttering broken beats and keys that flutter delicately, as if they were hanging glowing ornaments blown gently by the night wind.

There is a change of mood present on 'Don't Forget Me' however, the clue of which may lie in the name, or the slogan emblazoned across the album's cover. Lingering throughout these tracks is a feeling of brooding despair, foreboding, even anger - as if 'Don't Forget Me' is the title of a letter to somebody, and the tracks within it the message when the envelope is gently peeled open, and the letter is read.

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