Shinatama - Astrocide (Part 1) (album cover)

Astrocide (Part 1)
RELEASED: 16/05/2017



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"I have returned once again to guide you on a sonic journey. Like our previous journey it will not be one over hills and oceans, but a quantity less definable; an existence. Last we met, we explored our own existences relative to each other and the world around us. This time I hope to take you on a much grander escapade; we will travel on a level beyond our physical, even spiritual limitations as we look to the stars and find solace in the idea that we are part of something so dynamic and vibrant. Unbelievable in every way.

This shall be the second album in a series dedicated to studying the beauty and tragedy of our existences. It is also the first part of 'Astrocide', a sub-series of albums dedicated to our and the universe's mortality. This album will explore our grain of perceptive sand in the universal hour glass."

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