Sangam - Mount to Nothing (album cover)

Mount to Nothing
RELEASED: 15/03/2018



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Fans of Sangam's DC debut You Forget This will not be disappointed by his subsequent work, Mount to Nothing. It's another example of the prolific Mancunian's endless capacity to evoke lonely, rain-soaked nights, using only his signature mournful synths drenched with layers of hypnotic, reverberating vocals.

Glimmers of hope emerge in Temporary Warmth and the fleetingly heightened pace of Zone Z, but there is always an inevitable return to the familiar sorrow that envelopes the album. Not just another beautifully crafted dark ambient work for dreampunk fans, Mount to Nothing provides an escape from the carefree chattering voices heard on Cry in the Street - a refuge for fellow heartbroken souls to shelter beneath the rain.

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Artwork by Kid Smpl