Sangam & Kid Smpl - Shadow Knight (album cover)

RELEASED: 12/11/2018



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Though separated by an entire ocean, there is no doubt that UK-based Sangam and Kid Smpl of the American West Coast both dream in the same world, the former now a prolific Dream Catalogue legend whose albums 'Mount To Nothing' and 'You Forget This', among plentiful others, have helped him etch out a reputation as one of the premier forces of underground ambient music. Kid Smpl, making his Dream Catalogue debut here, is another artist seemingly destined for the stratosphere, combining a taste for garage style breaks with punishing synths straight out of a science fiction nightmare which has gained fanfare on both sides of the Atlantic.

Sangam's unmistakably evocative sound, defined by his taste for lush pads soaked in both nostalgia and heartbreak, feature as heavily as they would on any of the Mancunian’s records - but the dynamic is distinctly shaken by Kid Smpl's presence, aggressively making an announcement for himself with a percussive aural assault on the near ten minute title track. The beauty of this union is quintessentially the sound of two artists pulling in different directions to achieve in the same vision, both seemingly upping the ante against each other to provide a beautiful twisted harmony.

On 'Shadow Knight', the marriage of these two artists' visions at once sounds more like a reunion than a collaboration, like two lost nomadic souls communicating in synthwaves, bursting with nostalgia as they greet, while the perennial sound of rain dripping from the gutter continues on forever and haunted robot voices yearning for past loves echo in the distance.

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