RELEASED: 29/10/2018



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Russian artist and Hyperboloid owner Alexey Devyanin made his Dream Catalogue debut in 2017 with the much acclaimed 'Lo-Fi' under his Computer Graphics alias, which as its name suggests saw Devyanin serve up his own warped meditations of broken lo-fi house.

However, on his first Dream Catalogue album under his Pixelord moniker he is possessed by a far more cerebral, darker energy, taking cues from both contemporary techno music and hardvapour. But to categorise Pixelord's sound as fitting in any such rigid genre formulas would be an injustice to the twisted eclecticism of his craft.

The schizoid sound of 'Hypnorave' constantly effloresces, each track a unique manifestation of the mania of Pixelord's vision. Like the sensation of wading through the plume of artificial fog generated by smoke machines as the chill of the aircon brings the hair on the back of your neck to attention, Hypnorave is the musical emobidiment of a night spent bewildered by the trance of strobe lights and sub-woofers, not knowing who you are, where you are or how you arrived there.

There is an undeniable sense of claustrophobia present here and an ominous feeling of urgency that seeps through 'Hypnorave's ten tracks like beads of sweat dripping onto a cold dancefloor, the tried and true formula of kicks and hi hats menacingly revitalised for the digital age with the most self-assured aplomb.

Self evident on 'Hypnorave' is that Pixelord is one of the rare artists blessed with both the technical prowess and artistic intuition to execute such a concept with seemingly effortless vigour. Both at once nightmarish and euphoric, 'Hypnorave' is Pixelord at full amplitude, a hyperactive ode to the ritual of the underground rave.

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Album art by GSM_Garden