Lighght - The Skin Falls Off The Body (album cover)

The Skin Falls Off The Body
RELEASED: 02/12/2018



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Having been introduced to us via the Lila Tirando A Violeta fundraising compilation earlier this year, Lighght makes his debut appearance with his new EP ‘The Skin Falls Off The Body’ here on Dream Catalogue.

Short, but not very sweet, this is a 12 minute riptide of violent IDM that takes notes from the likes of Autechre and Aphex Twin, appealing to the more gruesome aspects of both, apparent in the sound design which picks at your ears and bearing similarities to the likes of The Future Sound Of London with its dreamy (or nightmarish) hardware-utilising approach. The album was inspired by the artist’s dread - an existential cocktail of hypochondria and anxiety. In a fucked up way this serves as an antidote to these negative thought patterns by placing you directly in the heart of this inner turmoil. A warning notice, if anything.

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