Halo Acid - Body Dares (album cover)

Halo Acid
Body Dares
RELEASED: 09/12/2018



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Bookending a highly productive year for the London based artist, 'Body Dares' sees Halo Acid embark on perhaps his most drastic stylistic epiphany thus far.

The album's eight tracks move at breakneck speed, punctuated by tormented vocals and percussive motifs that sound more at home on a London pirate radio station than at a run of the mill techno night, engulfed in a cacophony of dreamy stabs and dizzying arpeggios that at times sound funnelled through the harsh analogue of an FM radio.

Though an angry and visceral record, Halo Acid does not relent on the hallmark romanticism that has become a trademark of his work over the past year. In fact, within the chaos of 'Body Dares' a sense of yearning is realised with devastating effect in what is certainly the artist's boldest and most daring statement to date.

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